Automate Inventory Process with Barcode Scanning

Inventory management can be made as easy and efficient as possible.

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Something great about barcode scanners.

Streamline Inventory Data Integration

Automate data integration across your prefered system and the barcode solution with reliability and integrity.

Speed up inventory operations

Faster receiving and picking process by consolidating orders into one/multiple bulk list.

Eliminate human errors

Incorrect quantity and human errors can be minimized. Giving the management a peace of mind in managing warehouse operations.


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About our Barcode System

Integrate barcode scanning to your inventory management. Our wifi enabled barcode scanners uses an custom developed app that allows workers to scan items easily.

This will sync with your system and provide a powerful inventory management tool to your business. Managers can assign or combine orders and send to the barcode scanner so pickers can pick the orders.

Be able to sort through orders and get updates on orders in the system. Our solution will help your business manage inventory in the most effecient way.


How Our Barcode System Works

  • 01

    Purchase Orders

    Enter POs in the system.

  • 02


    Orders are synced to the AOC barcode solution and make ready for receiving.

  • 03


    Use the barcode scanner to receive the orders.

  • 04


    Received orders are synced to the system.

  • 05

    Sales Orders

    Orders are placed in the system.

  • 06


    Pick list is generated by manager.

  • 07


    Personnel picks multiple orders at once with consolidated pick list.

  • 08


    Orders are packed and sent back to system.

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