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Alpha & Omega Computer

Founded in 1987, we have been on the front line of software development and IT solutions in small and large businesses alike.



Who we are

Starting off as a two man partnership, our team has grown over the years to provide reliable service to all our clients. No client is less important than another whether it be a one man operation or enterprise.


What we do

We develop our own modular, customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Clients have the option to host the system on-premise or in a managed public cloud. Our experience in the wholesale/retail market has allowed us to create a system that include and revolve around functions such as: Sales Order, Shipping, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing, RMA/Credit memo, A/P, A/R, G/L (General Ledger). Our permission control capabilities are also adaptable to many different industries.

AOC is also here to assist your company with any technical issues that may arrive. From small things like disconnected printers and Internet problem, to a larger scale of skill sets like server management and cloud integration, we are dedicated to solving your problems quickly and efficiently. Each member of our team at AOC possesses a mix of professional experience, education, and technological expertise which allows us to tackle a wide range of technology issues.



Software & App

Always wonder if you should go with the “cheap” solution or the “perfect” solution? This is not a multiple choice question. At AOC, we carefully evaluate your daily ops and goal, and offer the solution that is right for you.

We specialize in retail/wholesale Inventory Management, Order Processing, Customer Relationship Management, and Warehouse Barcode Solution.

Inventory Management / Order Processing / CRM / Barcode Solution / App Development


Managed Services

Public / Hybrid Cloud Consultant

With the nature of pay-as-you-go business model, utilizing cloud infrastructure greatly reduces companies capital expenses and allows IT teams to test, develop, and deploy with more confidence, flexibility, and creativity.

With no upfront cost, IT staff can provision limitless resources based on usage. Achieving business goal with zero downtime by automated scaling and failover mechanism.

Our AWS certified professionals will guide you through every step of the way to the cloud.

Migration Service / Cloud Virtual Desktop / Storage Backup and File Sharing / Email, Website, DB & More


Managed Services

On-premise IT Consultant

AOC assists with a wide range of services from technology consultation, network & infrastructure design, all the way to on-premise software/hardware installation & support.

AOC is your partnered IT department. We will ensure that your day-to-day operation is smooth and uninterruptible while you focus on growing your business.

Wired & Wireless Network Installation & Maintenance / Backup & Disaster Recovery / VOIP Phone Installation / Email Setup & Support / Security Surveillance


Bookkeeping & Accounting

Quickbooks Consultant

AOC will assist you in installing and configuring QuickBooks software.

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors are always available to insure you get off to a prompt start and will assist you each step of the way in implementing your software until you are prepared to handle QuickBooks on your own.

Quickbooks Installation / Configuration / Training / Support


How it Works