Special Services

We develop customized systems for many years. We perform modernization to legacy applications and create more user-friendly solutions that are more in sync to current and future demands. Our team of engineers will create up-to-date customizations for your company’s warehouse and sales departments by providing the highest quality reassurance to your projects and issues. The following are some projects we can do for you. You are welcome to contact us and talk about your specialized projects. We will give you some suggestions and give you a quote.

  1. Data Warehouse Design: Most companies have different systems running for different purpose. For example: You have a web site for on-line shopping using MySQL as a database. You have an Accounting system using Oracle as a database. And you have a warehouse operating system using Microsoft SQL as a database. It is difficult for a manager trying to run a report combining data from these systems. We will design a process so it will gather data from your existing legacy systems. The source could be Quickbooks, MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL server. We will transform the data into data warehouse. Then managers can oversee the order process, inventory status and sales analysis easily.
  2. Business Intelligence Implementation (Oracle OBIEE and Microsoft Analysis Service)
  3. Convert and Migrate your current Oracle Forms to latest versions (for example: Form 3, 4.5, 6, 2000 to latest 11i version).
  4. Address Validation in Oracle Forms: so every address will be verified and assigned a zip+4 zip code for tax purpose.