About Us

About Us

Opened in 1987, AOCUSA has been on the frontline of developing software and providing technical support for everyday small and large business alike. Starting off as a two man partnership, our team has grown over the years to provide reliable service to all our clients. No client is less important than another whether it be a one man operation or large firm.

EasyRun is a specialized system developed to be a customized and fit into any company. EasyRun was developed from the experiences and needs presented to us by our multiple clients. With this system, customers can choose to have the system on our cloud database or in house. Our experience in the ERP field has allowed us to create a system with customizable modules that include and revolve around functions such as: Sales Order, Shipping, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing, RMA/Credit memo, A/P, A/R, G/L (General Ledger). Our permission control capabilities are also adaptable to many different industries. This system is great for all business types. It has the capability to grow and adapt as companies grow in size and serves as an excellent long term solution for all businesses.

AOC is also here to assist your company with any computer issues that may arrive. From blue screens to a broken printer, we are dedicated to solving your problems quickly and efficiently. By combining remote support with in house visits, AOC ensures that your company gets the best IT support. Each member of our team at AOC possesses a mix of professional experience, education, and technological expertise which allows us to tackle a wide range of technology issues.

The AOCUSA team will help you maximize your technology budget by finding out best hardware and software solutions for your business. We will sit down with you and evaluate your current systems to make sure we can get the best value out of your existing investments. Our partnerships with technology leaders like Dell, Microsoft, and Intuit QuickBooks ensure that we can get you the right products to solve your problems.

After close to 30 years of service, AOC is proud to say that we offer only our best, most honest and courteous service. Our team is led by founder, Gene Yu, who has provided guidance and direction for the company as well as those who have become part of the team. Having worked through issues such as Y2K over a decade ago, this company has overcome thick and thin. It is our pride to guarantee our reliability for whatever technical project you may have in store for us. We know our capabilities quite well and with that in mind, we have faith in our answers to your technical issues.