ERP Solutions

We are proud to provide a stable and customized Accounting and ERP systems since 1987. In the past years, program languages have changed vastly from COBOL to Oracle Forms and .NET. Today, we have our EasyRun ERP Solution that we can customize and adapt to any and all industries. We know every company has its own unique business model and operations and so our ERP solutions are what you need to set you apart and make your company more efficient. With our customizable solutions, your system will be tailored to fit your business needs. We have many different functions that Oracle ERP does not have, such as supporting drop-ship orders, and different tax rules for different states. Where QuickBooks lacks in customizability and overall flexibility, our systems can provide. Our complete ERP Modules can help your company save time and man power in operations.

Our modules include but are not limited to:

  1. Accounts Receivable System
  2. Order Entry and Inventory Control
  3. Purchasing System
  4. Accounts Payable System
  5. General Ledger System
  6. Warehouse Operation System
  7. Material Control System
  8. OEM System
  9. RMA (Return Mechandize Authorization) or RGA (Return Goods Authorization) System
  10. Tax and Resale Certificate Management System

With recent technologies having already started moving towards Cloud Computing, AOC has recently converted our EasyRun ERP Solution from a traditional server based structure to an updated Cloud based solution. Our EasyRun ERP Solution is implanted through three phases in order to either help your company transition to our system or to get your business up and running. After the implementation of the initial three phases, we then provide your business with the options of adding on additional modules that are needed for your company. Our current system is a pay per user system starting with up to 5 users in the first tier.

All companies need an ERP solution. Whether or not your company has the right ERP solutions system is a completely different issue than just having any ERP solutions system. Having the right system in place at the beginning can forego any additional hassles with transitions later on down the road. Switching to the right solution will alleviate the unwanted stress caused by trying to fit a square box through a triangular hole.

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